Why are we here?

To talk about the crazy, insane, wonderful video by Mia entitled The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia). This extravaganza appeared out of nowhere last week on YouTube, and has entertained, amused, shocked, confounded, tantalized, and even raised suspicion among tens of thousands of viewers in the online community.

If you haven’t seen this yet…
you absolutely need to click below before reading any further!

Everyone knows the jingle, but no one has seen it like this before! ryanseacrest.com

Carpet cleaning just got young and sexy…

Genius! So thoughtfully put together and well executed, you can’t stop watching her to see what she’ll come up with next. Oh yeah, and her voice, it’s out of this world.

Take one commercial jingle and turn it into jazz, opera, hip-hop, Latin, Soul and every other kind of music… fun!

Mr. Steemer, I hope you’re standing near a 1-800-MATTRESS.

This video will brighten your day!

This is absolutely AMAZING! I cannot even get over this, it’s incredible.

Versatility is underrated.
Andrea Bennett, Onion News Anchor

If you’re like me you catch yourself singing commercials, and then feel stupid, if anyone was in earshot.  Well this girl has taken it to higher level…

At a time when America is divided, we can take solace in knowing that there exist timeless ideals that bring us all together as Americans. Among these are the American flag, bald eagles, Jack Daniels, and of course: the Stanley Steamer. Rock on Mia!!

Wow. I will literally hear this song in my dreams…and nightmares from now on.

I think S.S. owes someone a big, fat check!

This is sick and fierce!! Yes, Mia!


I watched the first 4 or 5 with my hands over my open mouth before I laughed. janelle: just your regular everyday dream girl

We are very impressed with singer Mia Gentile, who’s just taken the time and trouble to rework a popular US ad jingle while showcasing every musical style possible. Watch the video and you’ll soon be singing along with her – even if, like us, you’d never heard of Stanley Steemer before. huffingtonpost.co.uk

This insane Cinci grad who does bonkers renditions of the Stanley Steemer jingle is my new favorite.
Columbus Dispatch

We think this young lady is trying to sell us something, but with the clash of a dozen musical styles and outfits, it’s so hard to keep track.

Alter! Die Frau hat Pfeffer… Gesang macht eben sexy! 😀


Advertising jingles are one of the banes of life, teaching you how to hate as they earworm your mind and and refuse to leave it. But Mia Gentile has done the impossible and made the Stanley Steemer jingle tolerable–for that she should win a Nobel.

She does everything from Taylor Swift, Norah Jones (I think), Avril Lavigne, and Lady Gaga (again, not sure). But I can’t complain because I prefer this to the original commercial, with the creepy balding CGI man floating around a living room.
I think we should all take this video as proof that any commercial with an annoyingly catchy jingle is dangerous. It invades our lives, enters our brains, and deteriorates our sanity.
I Wish I Didn’t Know

New Reviews, Dec. 11, 2012:

Girl Covers Stanley Steemer Commercial Jingle In Nearly Every Music Genre
If you live in a large metropolitan area in America, there’s a very good chance you have heard the catchy Stanley Steemer commercial jingle

Mia Gentile definitely has. She’s heard the song so many times, she’s ready for something new. So she took the catchy ad tune, and covered it in countless variations, styles, and genres, from rock, to opera, to 50′s, to punk. 

Not only does she have an amazing voice, and tons of talent, but, gosh, does this girl have some serious fashion sense as each variation has its own matching outfit.

Late Night Snack
Another day, another person gets promoted to the corporate jingle department.

Actually though, Mia Gentile not only has the ability take the the Stanley Steemer tune and cover it in a wide variety of musical genres, but my god, her performances were hilarious with the complementary matching outfits and all.

The Stanley Steemer Variations
Mia Gentile is both talented and versatile, as she shows in this Stanley Steemer jingle video. The product comes in all genres – at least one of them will make you want to get your carpet cleaned! They gotta hire her.

Watch The Stanley Steemer Jingle Be Sung In A Variety Of Different Musical Styles
Dare I say, this is one of the best viral videos I’ve ever seen. It literally has it all: it’s actually well made and entertaining with a cute / very likable main female character. It’s the little things, right?

Do you watch a ton of television? Then of course you’ve seen Stanley Steemer’s commercials. Youtube user Mia Gentile has taken the generic Stanley Steemer jingle and sung it in a variety of different musical styles from Jazz to an Avril Lavigne-like punk rock.

Plus, Mia’s really cute which only adds to the video’s appeal.

Categories: AwesomeGeeky
FTW Daily

Well, This Is a Thing: “The Stanley Steemer Variations” By Mia
Look, I’m as confused as you probably are about this, but we can all agree “The Stanley Steemer Variations” is definitely a thing we’ve experienced together.
Well This Is A Thing

Woman Covers the Stanley Steemer Jingle in Many Musical Styles
New York City-based artist Mia Gentile created a fun video for the jingle of Stanley Steemer, the nation’s largest deep cleaning service. She wonderfully covers the jingle in a long list of musical styles (it must have taken a long time to make!). She says on her blog that she is “not affiliated in any way with the company Stanley Steemer,” that it is not a “viral marketing campaign,” and that she “sang all the vocals.”
Laughing Squid

Watch One Girl’s Epic, Genre-Spanning Take on the Stanley Steemer Jingle
Well, that’s one way to snag an endorsement deal. (But, seriously, hats off.)
New York Magazine

Stanley Steemer Jingle Covered in Virtually Every Musical Genre, Ever
Chances are, at one point of another in your life, you have had the Stanley Steemer jingle stuck in your head. Maybe it’s lasted for an hour, or maybe even two. That was nothing. You can thank Mia, because after watching this video and hearing the jingle in every musical genre possible, we guess you’re going to be humming the carpet cleaning company jingle in your sleep for a month.
Right This Minute

Chameleon actress turns Stanley Steemer commercial jingle into one-woman musical medley to show off her skills
Pete Townshend smashed a guitar to make the Daily Mail; we just filmed a video. This was the best article yet, with an awesome photo spread. Those Brits have a way with words!
Daily Mail (UK)

1/7/2013 Monday’s Viral Videos: Celebrity Balla Trending News

1/7/2013 Monday’s Viral Videos: I4U News

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3 Responses to “Why are we here?”

  1. ironclownfish December 10, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    So if you look at her channel and her blog all she does is talk about this video and how much of a sensation it’s become (even though it hasn’t really at 150,000 views). That’s a very corporate-esque tactic: acting like there’s buzz about something there isn’t.

    Not saying I don’t like the video, but they’re trying way too hard to make it sound like it’s already gone viral, and it’s really fake how they pretend this girl is just some person making home videos.

    Considering those things, and the fact that it was clearly lip synced to a studio recording, and the fact that the youtube account is only a few months old, I think it’s not very well hidden that this is an over-reaching marketing campaign by Stanley Steamer.

    Otherwise, this is some poor person who appeared out of nowhere, made one cool video, and then proceeded to blog and vlog about it (and nothing else) for several months.

    It’s a neat video, but probably for nefarious reasons.

  2. meowxi January 4, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    What is the gender next to the spanish version? I’m very very curious about it

    • miagentile January 9, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

      Hey, meowxi! The genre of music after the Latina Chica is a Lady Gaga inspired electronic/pop. Although it is certainly open to interpretation! 😉

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