Mia in Daily Mail (UK) and I4U “Tuesday’s Viral Videos”

19 Dec

80sstill 162716-2Pete Townshend smashed a guitar to make the Daily Mail; we just filmed a video.

Woke up yesterday to see this headline splashed across the Daily Mail (UK) online:
Chameleon actress turns Stanley Steemer commercial jingle into one-woman musical medley to show off her skills
Written by Tamara Abraham, the smashingly good article is accompanied by a gorgeous photo spread. You must flock to the Daily Mail article to see firsthand! It has become the jewel in our press kit!

The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) was featured on I4U Trending News as a pick in 12/18/2012: Tuesday’s Viral Videos!

The Huffington Post has also run a story on the Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia). (Blog followers will note the UK branch of Huffington Post was on the case weeks ago!)

Thanks again to AdWeek for putting Mia on their front page banner last week; ABC’s Good Morning America for having Mia on their show on Thursday; and NBC’s Today.com for the online article.

Props to Jezebel.com (Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women), Advertising Ka Kamaal for coining the term “Jingle-O-Pedia,” carbonated.tv (5 out of 5 star rating for the video!), boomclips.com for calling Mia “talented (and pretty)”; and cultso.com for the plug (“A note to Stanley Steemer: Hire this woman.”)

Lastly, thanks for all the positive feedback and comments on YouTube! A big shout-out to Lindsay Morrison with the current top YouTube comment on The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia): I WATCH THIS EVERY DAY. Lindsay, you rock; we made this video for people like you and I know we’d be friends even though we’ve never met!

Stay tuned; we have a surprise or two up our sleeves before the New Year!


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