Mia in Asia and Australia

17 Dec
Screen shot mia-in-japan

The Stanley Steemer Variations

The buzz from The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) is reverberating around the globe, and we are psyched to hear what our Asian and Australian friends are saying.

In print, Australian looks very much like English, but for Japanese and Chinese, we’ve had to rely on Google Translate. We can only guess what is getting mangled here, but take, for instance, this review, transformed into beautiful Japanese haiku:

Singing force beyond the genre! ?
Chameleon surprised! ?
Older sister Mia (nobody) DO NOT enemy.
A good singing ability wish is beyond the wall of the genre rather than Light ~ ~
I wish it tight skirt favorite by far too 1:35. (Sweat)
Well, I wonder how a place on earth now? ? ?

More from Japan…

What a singing ability! Divided sing every musical genre, song of the Stanley Steamer
“…terrible power of acting or performance. Sister Mia performers all came out even if more than one.” [Ed.: we couldn’t have said it better!]

Beautiful woman rock, jazz, opera singing divided
“Any completely different taste, great expressive power is in facial expression.”

Tweets from China:
//: 唱的太棒了!最喜欢三个人那个和乡村风那个!:sing great! Favorite three people and rural wind that!
//: 笑死了哈哈哈哈 : and died laughing ha ha ha ha
//: 超赞,笑SHI了!: awesome laugh SHI!
//: 噗 笑抽 : Poof laugh pumping
// : 不行了,笑死了,集全世界各种diva于一身,倒数几个笑疯了 : die, laughable, set around the world a variety of diva-in-one, the countdown a few laughs crazy
//  : 不错不错,没上美国好呻吟吗?: Not bad, not on the American moan?

[We love them all, but perhaps, the most apropos description of Mia is “a variety of diva-in-one.”]

Lastly, Australia has embraced The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) in a big way!

The Stanley Steemer Variations

New Yorker’s insanely catchy homage to carpet cleaning ad

  • Aspiring actress makes video to demonstrate talents
  • Showcases every music style imaginable, including Gaga

A TALENTED performer in New York City has demonstrated her musical dexterity and powerful lungs in a hilarious homage to one of America’s catchiest commercial jingles. adelaidenow.com

Breathtakingly Brilliant Marketing!

This is breathtakingly brilliant marketing. For Mia as well as Stanley Steemer (if they have the sense to snap up Mia and the rights to her video). tailored.com.au

Back to the USA tomorrow, including a Huffington Post article on Mia!

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One Response to “Mia in Asia and Australia”

  1. Peter Stonbely December 18, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    Huffington Post America posted it the other day!

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