Mia and Ellen and her elves in Adweek

16 Dec

Screen shot Adweek Ellen and Mia

Ellen! Ellen! Look! Look up! Do you see me? Right above you! Not the guy in the hat; the gal to the left. Yeah! Hey! Have you seen my video? The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia)? I can’t believe we’re together on the same web page! This is crazy! It’s a sign! It’s an omen! Do you believe in omens? I think I do. Especially in this case! Okay, I’m just going to blurt it out… The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) needs to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! You will love it; your fans will love it! Look at all the YouTube comments! (You can skip the ones talking about my boobs.) Omg, to be on your show, singing, dancing, cutting loose, even in a video, would be a dream come true… There I’ve said it; if I didn’t, I would’ve been kicking myself forever. I mean, what are the chances of us bumping into each other like this again? Okay, back to work. Thanks, Ellen. Think about it. Please?

All my best,


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