Good Morning America! Today Show! Ellen DeGeneres!?

13 Dec


Mia appeared this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America to talk about The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) video.

Mia got to hobnob with Jerry Seinfeld, Emeril, and the amazingly wonderful anchors on GMA.

Congrats, Mia! You looked like a star! (Pictures and video coming soon)

If you missed the show, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to watch it online!

Thanks, Good Morning America, you rock!

And if that wasn’t enough to make our day….

Screen shot Today show

The Today Show Online ran a sweet article  Singer turns Stanley Steemer jingle into dazzling romp through musical genres this morning as well.

It also made headlines on NBC (currently on the front page)!

The mainstream media are catching the buzz that many of you are already seeing, hearing, and feeling! (We can taste it.)

Which brings us to…


Ellen? We’ve been hounding you. Stalking you. Trying to use remote mind control on you.

Have you had a chance to watch The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia)?

We are sure you will love it. In fact, we are so sure you will love it, that if you don’t love it, well… let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Likely a moot point anyway. No sense worrying about things that probably won’t happen, right? Whew, deep breath. That feels great.


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