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Best Of 2012!

30 Dec

The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia)

Happy Holidays and New Year to all our new friends!

You’ll be hearing a lot more from us in 2013!



Mia in Daily Mail (UK) and I4U “Tuesday’s Viral Videos”

19 Dec

80sstill 162716-2Pete Townshend smashed a guitar to make the Daily Mail; we just filmed a video.

Woke up yesterday to see this headline splashed across the Daily Mail (UK) online:
Chameleon actress turns Stanley Steemer commercial jingle into one-woman musical medley to show off her skills
Written by Tamara Abraham, the smashingly good article is accompanied by a gorgeous photo spread. You must flock to the Daily Mail article to see firsthand! It has become the jewel in our press kit!

The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) was featured on I4U Trending News as a pick in 12/18/2012: Tuesday’s Viral Videos!

The Huffington Post has also run a story on the Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia). (Blog followers will note the UK branch of Huffington Post was on the case weeks ago!)

Thanks again to AdWeek for putting Mia on their front page banner last week; ABC’s Good Morning America for having Mia on their show on Thursday; and NBC’s for the online article.

Props to (Celebrity, Sex, Fashion For Women), Advertising Ka Kamaal for coining the term “Jingle-O-Pedia,” (5 out of 5 star rating for the video!), for calling Mia “talented (and pretty)”; and for the plug (“A note to Stanley Steemer: Hire this woman.”)

Lastly, thanks for all the positive feedback and comments on YouTube! A big shout-out to Lindsay Morrison with the current top YouTube comment on The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia): I WATCH THIS EVERY DAY. Lindsay, you rock; we made this video for people like you and I know we’d be friends even though we’ve never met!

Stay tuned; we have a surprise or two up our sleeves before the New Year!

Mia in Asia and Australia

17 Dec
Screen shot mia-in-japan

The Stanley Steemer Variations

The buzz from The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) is reverberating around the globe, and we are psyched to hear what our Asian and Australian friends are saying.

In print, Australian looks very much like English, but for Japanese and Chinese, we’ve had to rely on Google Translate. We can only guess what is getting mangled here, but take, for instance, this review, transformed into beautiful Japanese haiku:

Singing force beyond the genre! ?
Chameleon surprised! ?
Older sister Mia (nobody) DO NOT enemy.
A good singing ability wish is beyond the wall of the genre rather than Light ~ ~
I wish it tight skirt favorite by far too 1:35. (Sweat)
Well, I wonder how a place on earth now? ? ?

More from Japan…

What a singing ability! Divided sing every musical genre, song of the Stanley Steamer
“…terrible power of acting or performance. Sister Mia performers all came out even if more than one.” [Ed.: we couldn’t have said it better!]

Beautiful woman rock, jazz, opera singing divided
“Any completely different taste, great expressive power is in facial expression.”

Tweets from China:
//: 唱的太棒了!最喜欢三个人那个和乡村风那个!:sing great! Favorite three people and rural wind that!
//: 笑死了哈哈哈哈 : and died laughing ha ha ha ha
//: 超赞,笑SHI了!: awesome laugh SHI!
//: 噗 笑抽 : Poof laugh pumping
// : 不行了,笑死了,集全世界各种diva于一身,倒数几个笑疯了 : die, laughable, set around the world a variety of diva-in-one, the countdown a few laughs crazy
//  : 不错不错,没上美国好呻吟吗?: Not bad, not on the American moan?

[We love them all, but perhaps, the most apropos description of Mia is “a variety of diva-in-one.”]

Lastly, Australia has embraced The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) in a big way!

The Stanley Steemer Variations

New Yorker’s insanely catchy homage to carpet cleaning ad

  • Aspiring actress makes video to demonstrate talents
  • Showcases every music style imaginable, including Gaga

A TALENTED performer in New York City has demonstrated her musical dexterity and powerful lungs in a hilarious homage to one of America’s catchiest commercial jingles.

Breathtakingly Brilliant Marketing!

This is breathtakingly brilliant marketing. For Mia as well as Stanley Steemer (if they have the sense to snap up Mia and the rights to her video).

Back to the USA tomorrow, including a Huffington Post article on Mia!

That’s all for now. Please sign up to follow our blog, and keep those comments and likes coming! And don’t forget the Drive To Ellen!


Mia and Ellen and her elves in Adweek

16 Dec

Screen shot Adweek Ellen and Mia

Ellen! Ellen! Look! Look up! Do you see me? Right above you! Not the guy in the hat; the gal to the left. Yeah! Hey! Have you seen my video? The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia)? I can’t believe we’re together on the same web page! This is crazy! It’s a sign! It’s an omen! Do you believe in omens? I think I do. Especially in this case! Okay, I’m just going to blurt it out… The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) needs to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! You will love it; your fans will love it! Look at all the YouTube comments! (You can skip the ones talking about my boobs.) Omg, to be on your show, singing, dancing, cutting loose, even in a video, would be a dream come true… There I’ve said it; if I didn’t, I would’ve been kicking myself forever. I mean, what are the chances of us bumping into each other like this again? Okay, back to work. Thanks, Ellen. Think about it. Please?

All my best,

Mia On Adweek

15 Dec

Screen shot Adweek crop

Look who’s winking at ya out of Adweek‘s headlines yesterday!
Mia, as Jazz Girl, exuding retro chic and adding pizzazz to their front page banner. Looking good!

Check out the whole article in Adweek here.

Good Morning America Pics!

14 Dec

Hiiiii! Still buzzing from GMA yesterday….

Me with GMA anchor Rachel Smith

Me with GMA anchor Rachel Smith

Backstage with Shah, the producer

Backstage with Shah, the producer

Me and Rita, producer of the pop segment I was in

Me and Rita, producer of the pop segment I was in

2852_sh_web      2857_web

2869_web   2887ps


Same dress; different maracas! 🙂


Good Morning America! Today Show! Ellen DeGeneres!?

13 Dec


Mia appeared this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America to talk about The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia) video.

Mia got to hobnob with Jerry Seinfeld, Emeril, and the amazingly wonderful anchors on GMA.

Congrats, Mia! You looked like a star! (Pictures and video coming soon)

If you missed the show, starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to watch it online!

Thanks, Good Morning America, you rock!

And if that wasn’t enough to make our day….

Screen shot Today show

The Today Show Online ran a sweet article  Singer turns Stanley Steemer jingle into dazzling romp through musical genres this morning as well.

It also made headlines on NBC (currently on the front page)!

The mainstream media are catching the buzz that many of you are already seeing, hearing, and feeling! (We can taste it.)

Which brings us to…


Ellen? We’ve been hounding you. Stalking you. Trying to use remote mind control on you.

Have you had a chance to watch The Stanley Steemer Variations (by Mia)?

We are sure you will love it. In fact, we are so sure you will love it, that if you don’t love it, well… let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Likely a moot point anyway. No sense worrying about things that probably won’t happen, right? Whew, deep breath. That feels great.